Custom Gifting: Your Questions Answered!

Have you been thinking about taking the leap and creating a custom gift for your clients, your team or your next event? Let’s talk about it! Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about creating a custom gift with White Spruce Market.

How much does it cost?

The big question! How much will I need to invest in order to create a stellar custom gift? We currently have a $50 per gift minimum, and a 15 gift minimum order. Below we’ve outlined some of our most common budget ranges:

Small and simple, usually 2-3 items. 

The most commonly requested budget range for custom gifts, which usually ends up being around 4-5 items. Most of our clients are spending an average of $75 per gift (not including shipping!).

Another popular budget range! Many of our holiday and year-end client and team gifts come in around $100 per gift.

The sky's the limit! Looking to WOW? Let’s talk about lux items, packaging upgrades and more.

What’s included in that cost?

Our gift box price covers time spent designing, finalizing, ordering, preparing, and packing each gift. All of our gifts feature our signature linen finish gift box, which includes a linen paper liner filled with ivory or kraft crinkle paper and White Spruce Market seal. Each box is then secured with our signature White Spruce Market belly band, and also includes a handwritten card with your personalized message!


When should I send my gifts?

This is a great question! While many people assume you need to send out appreciation or thank you gifts around the holidays or at the end of the year, we’re big believers in year round gifting! Welcome new clients or team members at time of sign on, choose a significant time of year for your industry or coordinate with the end of a particular project or job.

We absolutely LOVE helping you recognize your gift recipients around the holidays, but we personally love sending gifts out at the beginning of the New Year. Check out this blog post to learn why!

Have more questions? Let’s hear ‘em! Shoot us an email at and let’s get started. Ready to dive in? Take the next step and fill in out our Gift Project Questionnaire.

Cheers & happy gifting!

The White Spruce Team

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