January Gifting: Why We Love It

Did you miss the boat on sending holiday or end-of-year gifts?

Was someone on your list, but you totally spaced in the craziness of December? Did you want to send gifts to your clients + team members "on time," but now it’s January and no gifts were sent?

Maybe you’re thinking...

“Everyone will think I forgot about them if I send something in January!”


“Maybe I should just skip it all together -- hopefully they won’t notice?”

That’s where we come in.

We think January can actually be the best time to send a gift to your clients, employees, friends, or family members! Here’s why:

People are in holiday overload at the end of the year. They’re being pulled in a million directions, receiving a TON of emails, and feeling overwhelmed with jam-packed calendars. Things are bound to get lost in the shuffle.

By sending a gift in January, you ensure your gift will be noticed and make an even greater impact.

Another big bonus to gifting in January?

People are around to receive your gift! With crazy schedules, shipping delays, time off and holiday travel plans, it can be difficult to pin down when a recipient will be in the office or at home to receive your gift. By sending your gift in January, you can avoid most of these obstacles.

And finally, there’s nothing better than providing your people with a little boost when they need it. Receiving a thoughtful, curated gift can be the perfect antidote for those post-holiday blues and a way to start the year off right!

Have we converted you to a January gifter yet? 😏

Let's get started! If you’re looking to wow your clients or thank your hard-working team with unforgettable, on-brand gifts, click here.

Or if you're just looking to send a few quick gifts, shop our Ready-to-Ship collection here

Happy gifting!

Sending Corporate Gifts in January

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