Case Study: Client Welcome Gifts for a Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Anna at Wildly Connected Photography has been a client of ours for the last couple of years! Up until recently, she would choose from our selection of pre-designed gifts or build her own gift box via our website. After going through a rebrand last year, she decided that it was the perfect time to create a custom gift she could send to clients when they book her services!

The Details:

Because Anna had already been using our online shop to send gifts to her clients, she had a pretty good idea of what she wanted to include in her custom gift. She loved the vow journals, and a sweet treat was also a priority!

Wildly Connected Photography is a LGBTQ+ inclusive business, so it was also important that the gift be gender neutral and something that all of her clients would enjoy.

The gift we created featured:

Anna has a working relationship with Homebody MN, a trans owned and Minnesota based candle company, and was able to provide the 'Put a Ring On It' candles for her gifts! We also included Wildly Connected Photography branded stickers and business cards in each gift, which she also provided.

We keep these gifts at our workshop in Duluth, Minnesota, and when Anna books a client and needs a gift to go out we're just an email away! From there, we take care of: Handwriting a card with her personalized message, packing the gift for shipping, printing shipping label and transferring to UPS for delivery!

We hoped you enjoyed learning about these custom client welcome gifts for a Minnesota wedding and elopement photographer! Are you ready to recognize and celebrate your clients? We'd love to connect. Let's make some gifting magic! ✨

Happy (client) gifting!

The White Spruce Team

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