Case Study: Client Anniversary Gifts for Align Financial

We've helped local accounting firm Align Financial of Hermantown, Minnesota, recognize client milestones for years! Up until recently, they would choose from our selection of pre-designed gifts or build their own gift box via our website. This year, they decided to take the leap on a custom gift to celebrate client anniversaries with the company.

The Details:

The team at Align Financial came to us looking for appreciation gifts for their top tier clients that have been with them for more than 5 years. The idea was to send something that says "Thank You" for trusting us for 5 years, 10 years, etc. and for their clients to feel recognized and appreciated.

Align Financial also has an absolutely beautiful branding suite, and wanted a gift that reflected their colors and fonts, as well as to include their logo throughout the gift.

The gift we created featured:

  • Align Financial Coffee Mug
  • Set of 2 Caramels by¬†Annie B's
  • Black LePen
  • Grey 'Write It Down' Notepad by Wit & Delight
  • French Grey Sea Salt Chocolate Bar by TC Chocolate

We created a custom mug and belly band with Align Financial's logo, as well as included their business card.

We keep these gifts at our workshop in Duluth, Minnesota, and send gifts once a month to clients who have an anniversary that month. Align Financial provided us with their list of client anniversaries at time of ordering, and we take care of the rest: Handwriting a card with their personalized message, packing the gift for shipping, shipping during their anniversary month, printing shipping label and transferring to UPS for delivery!

We hoped you enjoyed learning about these custom client anniversary gifts! Ready to recognize and celebrate your clients? We'd love to connect. Let's make some gifting magic! ✨

Happy (client) gifting!

The White Spruce Team

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