Case Study: Client Welcome Gifts for Alyssa Flores Photography

We've still got wedding professionals on the brain in March! We've busy helping both wedding photographers and planners finalize their client gifting before their busy season hits. Check out these welcome gifts for a California based wedding photographer, Alyssa Flores Photography.

The Details:

Alyssa came to us because she was looking to upgrade her current client gifting. She was previously ordering gifts individually online, but wanted to be able to customize the gift as well as include her own marketing materials.

Adding special touches, like a notecard with your logo or your printed photography guide can elevate your client's experience with your brand.

The gift we created featured:

As mentioned, Alyssa was interested in including her printed photography guide in her gifts.

We keep these gifts at our workshop in Duluth, Minnesota, and send them as Alyssa books clients. She sends us an email with client names and address, and we take care of the rest: Handwriting a card with their personalized message, packing the gift for shipping, printing shipping label and transferring to UPS for delivery!

We hoped you enjoyed learning about these custom wedding photography welcome gifts!

Are you a wedding professional looking to bring your client experience and brand to the next level? We'd love to connect. Let's make some gifting magic! ✨

Happy (client) gifting!

The White Spruce Team

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