Six Years of White Spruce: A Birthday Note from Bailey

Six years. SIX! Can you even believe it?!

What a ride it’s been.

Although White Spruce Market is small, we are indeed mighty. I’m so proud of our little team, and always get misty with each trip around the sun.

Highlights of Year Six in biz:

  1. We expanded our Corporate Gifting program like WOAH. Over the past year, we have served dozens of clients with thousands of gifts for their clients, customers, teams, and much more! Sign up here to learn more about what we’ve been up to. Full disclosure: This is THE best way to get the scoop on how strategic gifting can uplevel your biz – from the pros (that’s us! 🙋🏼‍♀️).
  2. I (founder Bailey) welcomed two new family members: Moose 🐶 and Leo 👶🏼 Although we bid a heartbreaking farewell to our O.G. shop dog Summit last summer, we soon opened our home to another Bernese Mountain Dog pup, Moose. Then, on the very same day we brought Moose home, we found out we were expecting our very first babe! I am grateful times a billion to Emily + Sarah for keepin' the train rolling over the past few months while I’ve been on maternity leave (e.g. launching a brand new website when I was in labor a few weeks earlier than planned 😅)
  3. We found a new home for White Spruce! Although we were fortunate enough to have a home-based space for many years, we were truly busting at the seams. A few weeks ago, we moved into our new production space in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Duluth, MN. Not only has our workspace now doubled in size, we also have 3000 square feet of overflow space, thanks to our neighbors under the same roof: Cedar Bound (one of my other companies that I own & operate with my husband!).

The future is looking bright ✨

Here’s what we’re manifesting for Year Seven…

  1. Scale up our Corporate Gifting program EVEN more. Now that we have the space to grow, we’re looking to partner with small businesses, corporations, and large scale conferences/events. Need hundreds or thousands of gifts for your clients, customers, team, alumni, or conference attendees? Bring it on. 👏🏼 We’re here to serve you swiftly with design-driven, on-brand, and on-budget gifts.
  2. Connect with our community IRL. Local pop-ups? Shopping events in our space? We’ll see where this year takes us!
  3. Form long-term gift fulfillment partnerships with organizations that have high-volume ongoing gifting needs.

Are you sensing a theme? Here’s where YOU come in! 👇🏼

We would LOVE your help as we pursue our goal of delivering 4,000 more gifts in the year ahead.

Online, it can be easy to forget the happy-dancing humans behind the brand. I assure you: My heart still flutters each time an order comes in. Thank you. Thank you. 

Cheers to six years – and here’s to lucky no. 7!

With gratitude,

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