Case Study: Closing Gifts for a Minnesota Real Estate Team

Last month we shared the home anniversary gifts for this Minnesota based real estate team, and today we'll be sharing the closing gifts we created for the same team. We loved the idea creating two concepts at once, one for after the purchase of the home and the second to send on the one year anniversary of the purchase!

The Details:

Before diving into a custom gift concept, the team sent multiple gifts using our Build Your Own Gift Box feature via our online site. Because of this, they had a few favorite items they already knew they wanted to include in their gifts, like the 'This Chapter Feels Really Good' Notebook and 'Home Sweet Home' Keychain! We added a candle from one of our favorite makers and some local whole bean coffee to round out the gift. The team also provided a mug with their logo.

Pro Tip: Already have branded mugs, tumblers, or stationery items? For a small fee we are happy to include these items in your gifts! Don't have your own swag yet? Don't worry! We'll design and source any items you're interested in.

The gift we created featured:

Once received all of the gift items, we packed them up and wrote the handwritten cards. We then shipped all of the gifts to the real estate office in the Twin Cities, so the team can personalize each card with their client names and hand deliver the gift at time of closing!

We hoped you enjoyed learning about these custom closing gifts this Twin Cities, Minnesota, based real estate team! Are you ready to stay top of mind with your clients, generate more referrals and create repeat clients? We'd love to connect. Let's make some gifting magic! ✨

Happy (client) gifting!

The White Spruce Team

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