The Power of Thoughtful Client Gifting

As many of you know, 10 years ago I began my entrepreneurial journey as a wedding photographer! From the get-go, I knew I wanted to deliver a high-end experience for my couples, but struggled with HOW to do so, especially as the new kid on the block, in what felt like an industry teeming with wedding photographers. 

How was I going to stand out from the crowd?

During that first year, bookings felt painfully slow, so I made it my mission to serve the heck out of each couple I did book, ensuring they had an incredible experience they could rave about to their friends & family.

Part of my plan was having thoughtful, beautifully-branded packages for delivering photos to clients. I quickly discovered a knack for pulling together silk ribbon, snazzy boxes, and letterpress cards with cheeky messages on them (yes: I’m a total packaging nerd). 

Clients were so blown away by their packages that I thought, “Hey! I need to add more touches like this throughout the entire experience.” 

So I decided to up the wow factor by sending client gifts. Whenever a new couple booked, I would send a gift box featuring some of my favorite local goods: A northwoodsy camp mug, a pine-scented candle, a letterpress notebook for jotting notes + wedding plans, and (of course) dog treats, since 90% of my couples are dog owners.

Looking back, those early gift boxes weren’t my best work (I was nowhere near the ninja level bow tie-er I am today), but still…

My couples FREAKED. OUT. because…

A) They weren’t expecting it

B) None of their other wedding vendors were doing anything like it, and

C) The items made them feel like I had custom-created something just for them

I knew a few things that all of my couples had in common:

  • They’re adventure seekers.
  • They love the northwoods of Minnesota + Wisconsin.
  • They’re easy-going & quick to laugh.
  • They love making their own traditions.
  • 90% of them are dog people.

With these pearls of knowledge, I was able to create ONE client gift that I could send to ALL of my wedding clients, year after year. I didn’t need to reinvent the wheel, or create something custom each time. By knowing who my clients are & what they value, I created an experience that delighted them, made them feel valued, and, perhaps most importantly, made them want to tell their friends.

My business exploded that year.

I was able to make the leap from kinda-sorta-part-time into the full-time wedding photographer I dreamed of becoming. Client gifts were a HUGE part of that tipping point for me.

Fast forward a few years, and that love for client gifting became the seed for White Spruce Market. I believe so fiercely in the power of thoughtful client gifts, that I built a brand around it. As White Spruce moves into the future, we are shifting toward serving even more wedding professionals with custom client gifts. We are so EXCITED to help transform your client experience!

Interested in elevating your client experience with thoughtful gifts? Let us take care of the legwork.

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