Meet the Maker: North Mallow Marshmallows

It's Meet the Maker Monday! And we're so excited to introduce you to our next maker in our series!

Meet Mike & Christine, two former camp counselors who set out to create the gooey, gourmet goodness we now know as North Mallow. Locally made and made with only simple, natural ingredients -- if you haven't had the pure delight of tasting these feel-good treats, you're going to want to add them around your campfire asap.

We love these two and their Minnesota mallows, and can't wait for you to get to know them too! Keep reading for our full Q&A with Mike & Christine...


1. Tell us a little bit about your story! How did you get started?

Sparked around a Minnesota campfire, it was the idea of a flavorful, better-for-you marshmallow inspired us to create North Mallow marshmallows.

As camp counselors, we have some serious s’more-making skills and recognized that the simple act of roasting marshmallows created joy and connections among our campers - experiences that would last a lifetime.

Together as a husband and wife team, we want to share the joyful moments we experienced at camp and successfully improve upon the classic to deliver a delicious line of mallows that roast to the perfect, gooey consistency and that we can feel good about sharing with our family, friends, and campers.

2. What do you love about the medium you work in?

So much to love about marshmallows! We make our mallows with real, simply ingredients and nothing artificial, which results in a fluffy mallow that tastes amazing. What we love is inviting our customers to gather around with their friends and families to discover how delicious a marshmallow can be (especially when they have only tried the standard marshmallow brands). It's fun to be able to bring new life and flavor into the previously stale marshmallow category.

3. If you could offer any advice to other creatives who are just starting out, what would you say?

Be brave enough to start and then listen closely to your customers. Our business started out in catering gourmet s'mores bars for weddings, corporate events, and parties. We never planned on selling our marshmallows until our catering clients and guests shared how much they loved them and asked to buy them from us.




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