Meet Our New Assistant!

You may remember a couple of months ago, we announced we were hiring our first Assistant. Well, we are thrilled to introduce you to Angela -- Duluth native, fellow photographer and the newest member of the White Spruce team!

Since you'll be seeing her around this space a lot more, we wanted to properly introduce you. Keep reading for our full Q&A with Angela!


Girl, tell us your story! 

I always had a hard time deciding what I wanted to be when I grew up because I love so many things. After college, I started working an office job, but I longed for more creativity and flexibility in my days. I started photography as a creative outlet, which quickly grew into a business and allowed me the freedom to pursue other things.

Alongside photography, I've had the opportunity to try admin, social media marketing, editing for a wedding magazine, working at Anthropologie (the dream), coaching swimming... I love a lot of things!! While some roles have only been for a season, the skills I’ve learned in each just keep building off each other and leading me to the next thing… which leads me to this role!

The timing really couldn’t have been better. After my husband and I got married last August, we moved to the cities for his work (knowing that we’d probably end up back in Duluth, it was just a matter of WHEN). “When” turned out to be much sooner than we expected. Ben decided to apply for a job on a whim (because they don’t open up very often). And I kid you not, ONE. WEEK. LATER. He interviewed, was offered the job on the spot, and we signed a lease on our dream apartment. Days after that, Bailey announced she was hiring for White Spruce and I thought “hey, I want to do that!!” So I applied and here we are.


What are you most excited about for 2019?

This has been such a crazy year already. After moving twice in the first 8 months of marriage, what I’m most looking forward to right now, is getting settled back in this town we love. Moving back here as a married couple feels like we get to start over, and I’m excited for the fresh slate.


What is one little-known nerdy fact about you?

I’ve seen every single episode of “I Love Lucy.”


What do you love most about life in northern Minnesota?

I love the space to breathe here, the beauty right in our backyard, getting to experience all 4 seasons, the local businesses and makers that make our city so unique... I’ve left Duluth a few times now, but something always pulls me back here. Hands-down, my favorite place to be is along the shore of our beautiful lake, most likely at Park Point, coffee & a book in tow.


Someone designs an amazing gift box just for you. What's inside?

A blank journal (as in no lines — too restrictive!), a scented candle, a bottle of red wine, bath salts… and if I’m being entirely honest… goldfish crackers or white cheddar Cheez-its. (I’ve somehow never grown out of those.)


When you're not creating magic with White Spruce Market, where can we find you?

I’m a homebody to my core, so when I'm not working or coffee shop hopping, you can bet I’ll be cozied up with a cup of dark roast (or wine) and my love, maybe updating my vision for the next 6 months, probably with my nose in a book.






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