Behind the Scenes: The Process Behind our Gift Design

There truly is so much intention behind each step of our gift design. Today, we're giving you a behind the scenes look at how we come up with the content for each of our boxes!

1. Establish WHO we are serving

Before we do anything else, we start dreaming about the recipient. Is it a busy mom in need of a little TLC? A new homeowner? A newlywed starting a new life with their love? Whoever it is, we always think about the human first and what they'd be most excited to receive.

2. Create an Experience

Once we determine who would receive said box, we start to create the experience. We LOVE giving experiential gifts. You'll notice that each of our boxes offers at least one tangible experience! Sometimes this includes something edible like blueberry pancake mix, coffee or cookies. Or something functional like a candle, bath salts or body oil. Each box contains more than a gift. It contains an experience to be enjoyed.

3. Include a Keepsake

In addition to an experience, we always like to include at least one keepsake in our boxes -- something the recipient can hold on to for years to come. We have a whole bunch of different products that your recipient can remember you by, including hand-thrown mugs, wooden coasters, tea towels, letterpress journals... we could go on and on! Whenever we put together a gift, we always think about gifts that can stand the test of time.

After we dream up the content of our boxes, there's a whole bunch more that goes into packaging, presentation and shipping, but we'll save that for another post!

We hope you enjoyed a look into our process and that inspires your next gift!

To see how we put this into action, make sure to head over to the shop to see our latest gifts. 


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