Case Study: Pinewood Weddings and Events + Kate Becker Photography

In 2019 we had the opportunity to work with Kate Becker, of Kate Becker Photography and Pinewood Weddings and Events in Cambridge, Minnesota, on an epic holiday project! Kate came to us with her specifics: she was in need of a holiday gift for clients, loved the idea of a brunch box, and had 37 gifts that needed to go out. We created a beautiful neutral + woodsy themed box that would resonate with both her photography clients as well as Pinewood clients! Read about her experience working with White Spruce Market below:


Why did you choose to work with White Spruce Market? 

For the last few years, we have been creating our client gifts ourselves. Once our client base started growing, it took so long to source the products, package the gifts, and bring them to the post office. We knew that this was an important part of our client experience to show them how much they mean to us, so we didn't want to eliminate it! With our busy calendar last year, we decided that outsourcing this big project would free up our time to continue to work on things within our business rather than wrapping gifts! We love that White Spruce Market has locally sourced products and our clients are the kind of people who love that too! 

In terms of client gifts, what pain points or struggles did you have before working with White Spruce? 

The biggest pain point for us was finding the time to source the products, and create and ship the gifts by ourselves! We were too busy to set aside time for this. While we knew it was important, it was something that we kept pushing off and we knew that if we only put a little effort into it, it wouldn't have the same effect.

What happened to those pain points after working w/ White Spruce? 

The pain points were completely eliminated! It gave us such peace of mind to be able to spend 20 minutes in back and forth email putting in our orders and customizations, then we were done. It was so freeing to look on Instagram and get tagged by all of our happy and surprised clients whose gifts were arriving at their doorsteps with minimal work by us! We were happy to spend a little more and let the professionals handle it so beautifully!

How has working with White Spruce impacted your client experience or business in general? Has anything specific happened as a result? 

Our clients were all so excited and surprised to get these gifts on their doorstep. We had multiple people comment on how cute the actual packaging looked before they even opened up the box! This was a huge improvement from our cheap packaging that we threw together before. A lot of our clients were posting pictures on their Instagram and singing out praises, which I'm sure other people took note of! :) Thank you guys so much!



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