Case Study: VIP Client Holiday Gifts for Ultrafabrics, Inc.

The holidays are in full swing around here! We're reminiscing on some of our favorite projects from our 2021 holiday season…and these gifts we created for Ultrafabrics Inc., a New York-based textile company, fit the bill!

The Details:

The Ultrafabrics team came to us looking for 65 gifts for their VIP clientele. More specifically, they were looking for a curated selection of coffee, teas and spices. They wanted a gift that would evoke pleasure and excitement in recipients.

The gift we created featured:

While the client's requests were specific, we also wanted to make sure we created a well-rounded gift that included both consumable and non-consumable items, which is why we opted to include a coffee scoop and Olive Pluff & Co. tea in a decorative (reusable!) tin. We also suggested an insert card for the Shichimi Togarashi Yuzu 7-Spice as this was a potentially new & exotic spice blend that that recipients may not have been familiar with.

Ultrafabrics also opted to include their own branded holiday card with a pre-printed message, and we personalized each card with the recipient's name.

Special touches like an insert card explaining an item and branded collateral can truly elevate your client's gift experience and shouldn't be overlooked (especially when they may be receiving multiple holiday gifts throughout the season).

We hoped you enjoyed learning about these custom corporate holiday gifts! If you're interested in creating your own custom gift design, we'd love to connect. It's never too early to start thinking about holiday client and team gifting.

Happy (corporate) gifting!

The White Spruce Team

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