Our happy place = helping companies love on their people through gifting.

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We're here to help you elevate your gifting game.

Let's face it:

Gifting can be a logistical nightmare.

And you're already wearing plenty of hats.

But with our team of gift experts on your side...gone are the days of sourcing unique products on your own, buying packing materials & shipping supplies, and carving out the time & resources to pack, assemble, and ship your own gifts. 😅

At White Spruce, we are truly full-service, covering every detail from gift concept creation to product sourcing to card-writing, packing, shipping, fulfillment, and even managing re-orders.

Are you ready to let the experts take care of the heavy lifting? 💪🏼

We'll work with you to create on-brand, on-budget gifts that truly stand out from the crowd.

A few ways to gift in your business:

  • Client Appreciation
  • Employee Recognition
  • Event & Conference Gifts
  • Recruitment & Prospecting
  • Client + Team Milestones
  • Holiday & Year-End Gifts

...and more!

Who we serve:

Large corporations, small businesses, and solopreneurs who are short on time, but who deeply value building relationships with their people.

We make gifting simple + fun, allowing you to stay focused on moving the needle forward in your business!


Financial firms, real estate agents, wedding & event professionals, hospitals & healthcare companies, event centers, casinos, and many more!

ways to gift in your business

1. Client Appreciation

Show your clients how much you care with beautiful, on-brand booking gifts or thank you gifts.

ways to gift in your business

2. Team Recognition

Acknowledge your team members' hard work + milestones!

ways to gift in your business

3. Event and Conference Gifts

Up the wow factor at your next event with memorable gifts that will leave your attendees raving!

ways to gift in your business

4. Recruiting & prospecting

Engage sales & hiring prospects with thoughtful gifts delivered at just the right time.

ways to gift in your business

5. Holiday & Year-End Gifts

Celebrate another year of milestones in your business with holiday & year-end gifts for your clients, team, and associates.

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