Our Story


Bailey Aro Hutchence

Founder of White Spruce Market

As a wedding photographer for nearly a decade, I became obsessed with creating beautiful packaging & intentional gifts for my clients. Pair that with a knack for color & composition, and White Spruce Market was born!

Our mission at White Spruce? To simplify & beautify the art of gift-giving. By partnering with independent artisans & makers, White Spruce Market aims to cultivate gratitude and spread joy. We specialize in curated gift boxes for all occasions, along with Corporate & Client Gifting for businesses big and small.

Based in Duluth, MN, we're fierce supporters of our local community, sourcing many of our products from Minnesota & Wisconsin. We believe gift-giving should delight both giver and recipient, which is why our gifts are designed to induce butterflies (the good kind!). 

With gratitude, 


At White Spruce Market, we believe in using our powers for good. For us, this means donating a portion of every single sale to uplifting women with support & resources when they need it most. A portion of each sale in 2022 will be donated to survivors of domestic violence at Safe Haven Shelter and Resource Center in Duluth, Minnesota.

Whether you’re shopping online with us, or ordering a batch of corporate gifts, your dollars will help further Safe Haven’s mission and bring awareness to this issue in our community. 💜

To read more on our charitable giving, click here.

To learn more about Safe Haven, click here.