Our Favorite Gifts for When you Can't Physically Be There

There are so many hearts breaking right now. Whether you’re dealing with the loss of a job or dream, a loved one getting sick or the loneliness that social distancing can bring, it’s more important than ever to get creative in staying connected.

We’re here to remind you that gifting is a beautiful opportunity to stay connected when you can't physically be there. Maybe it’s your favorite healthcare worker on the frontlines or a family member whose birthday you won’t be there for. We’ve gathered our favorite gifts for when you can’t be there in-person.

Browse our picks below...

For Special Occasions:

When you can’t physically be there to celebrate, send one of our gifts to show you care. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or engagement, these gifts are sure to bring joy to every recipient.


Slow Mornings


Sunrise Coffee Date


The Pick-Me-Up


The Artisan Kitchen


Cancelled Events or Trips:

With so many events & trips being cancelled or rescheduled, why not retreat with one of our boxes instead? Escape with our ‘Wander’ box. Enjoy a virtual brunch date with a loved one. Share a taste of the North Shore with someone you can’t bee near. Browse our picks to fuel the adventurous souls and bring experiences to your home below.


Cabin Brunch




Adventure North


Work From Home

For those on the frontlines:

We may have saved the best for last here. While you stay home to support your loved ones on the frontlines, send a care package designed to spread hope, bravery & love.

The Brave Soul

The Brave Soul Mini


The Wonder


The Royal Treatment



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