Meet our new Shop Manager & Sales Lead!

Meet Emily!

She's already killing it as our new Shop Manager & Sales Lead, helping us with shop orders, inventory, corporate & B2B gift projects, and so much more! You'll be seeing a lot of her around here, so we wanted to properly introduce her. 💛

Get to know Emily below with a fun Q+A sesh...
Q.The last book you read?
A.Infinite Country by Patricia Engel. I just started Anna Karenina (wish me luck!)
Q.Your dream travel destination?
A. I love to read and do crafts of all kinds! I also enjoy camping with my friends and family and trying new local restaurants
Q. Something you cannot leave the house without?
A. I hate to admit it, but usually a Diet Coke
Q. How do you take your coffee?
A. Iced only! Very sweet with lots of milk / cream / whatever goodness I can get
Q. Summer plans include?
A. Lots of time with friends and family!
Q. Your fave White Spruce box is?
A. The Go-Getter! I'm OBSESSED with the BIG notebook, love woodwick candles, and my phone is perpetually on the verge of dying... so it's a win win win :)

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