Design Tips: Building Your Own Gift Box with White Spruce Market

We recently added a Build Your Own Gift Box option to our online gift shop, and we thought: What better time to share our top three gift design tips!

Here are three things to consider:

1. What’s the occasion?

This will influence type of items you’ll select. Are you congratulating, celebrating, saying "thank you" or "I’m here for you"? Consider choosing a theme for your gift based on the occasion (i.e. self-care).

2. Consider the color, texture, size and type of items you select.

Consider choosing a color palette for your gift to ensure your items look cohesive together. This could be a singular color, earthy neutrals, or bright + bold! Remember the occasion and the message you’re trying to convey with your gift.

You’ll also want to consider the type of items you’re selecting. We like to strike a balance of consumable items (like food or coffee) and non-consumable items (like home goods or accessories).

3. Think about your recipient! 

How do you want them to feel when they receive the gift? What items would your recipient love to receive and get good use from? These are important things to consider when selecting your items!


Ready to try your hand at designing a gift? Click here to get started!

Happy designing and happy gifting!

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