Corporate Gifting Q&A: When to Send Your Client Gifts

At White Spruce Market, we love serving fellow businesses in creating memorable gifts for their clients, customers and team.

Because we work with many businesses & creatives who are outsourcing their client gifts for the first time, today we’re answering one of our most frequently asked questions when it comes to client gifting: “WHEN is the most opportune time to send a gift?”

Here you’ll find our best advice on timing to maximize the impact of your gift and make client gifting a part of your brand's heart and strategy.


For clients who've had to reschedule:

We are living in unprecedented times right now. With so many events & projects being rescheduled, NOW is the perfect opportunity to remind your clients how much you value them! If your event or project was cancelled or postponed, consider sending a gift they can experience at home.

Here are a few of our current top sellers to get you started…


Welcome gifts:

Sending a welcome gift reinforces your client’s decision to book you! As photographers, this is what we do & it has made a world of difference in our business, resulting in clients who rave about us!

A few of our favorite welcome gifts...


Right before a big event or milestone:

If you’re a wedding vendor, your client might be most stressed in the final few weeks leading up to the big day. This can be a great time to gift by sending items to help de-stress & unwind!

A few of our favorite spa related gifts…

Right after a big event milestone:

Whether your client has just bought a new home, celebrated their wedding or completed a big project, this is a perfect opportunity to end on a high note & let them know you’re still thinking of them.

A few of our favorite “housewarming” gifts...

At the end of the year:

Finally, one of our most popular times for client gifting is at the end of the year. If you plan to gift around the holidays, our best advice here is to start the process early! Since this is such a busy time for gifting for everyone, starting your client gift process early will ensure we have your gift in stock & are able to deliver in time.

Our top corporate gifts from 2019…


As you can see, there is no right or wrong when it comes to gifting!

The key is to figure out how gifting can align with your goals. By timing your gifts strategically, you’ll up the surprise and delight factor, and leave your clients with an experience they’ll remember long after working with you!

Ready to elevating your client experience with thoughtful gifts? We have two easy options for you!

1. Shop our ready-to-ship client gifts here!

OR here's what 90% of our corporate clients do…

2. Have us create custom gifts that reflect your brand (plus, you’ll save time and money by ordering in bulk). Once you order, we can ship all your gifts at once or keep them in stock to ship on-demand as your clients book.

Email us at to get in touch about our custom gift options!

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