Case Study: Sustainable Holiday Gifts for Ultrafabrics, Inc.

We made it through the holidays! While we're taking some time to snooze this week after our busiest season yet, we wanted to share some ~2023 inspo~ with one of our favorite holiday gifts of the year (or maybe ever!).

The Details:

This is our second year creating holiday gifts for Ultrafabrics, Inc., a New York based textile company. Every year their gifting goal is to create a unique and sensorial experience for their clients. This year they also came to us with a vision of a sustainable gift, so we got to work… and are so pleased with how they came together! They were in need of just over 100 gifts, delivered mid-December.

When clients come to us with sustainability in mind, we love to remind them that our gift boxes (made in the US!), linen liner paper and crinkle fill can all be reused OR recycled following your local guidelines?

Our biggest pro tip when you receive a gift from WSM: remove your items and use the box to re-gift!

 The gift we created featured:

Ultrafabrics specifically requested reusable items, which is why we chose to include the beeswax wraps, produce bags and bamboo utensils -- all reducing the use of single use plastics! We also chose to include a "Buy One, Plant One" tree planting kit by Modern Sprout. For every kit sold, Modern Sprout plants a tree. That's two trees planted for the price of one!

We hoped you enjoyed learning about these custom sustainable holiday gifts! Are you ready to up your client and team appreciation game and send some stellar gifts this year? We'd love to connect. Let's make some gifting magic! ✨

Happy gifting!

The White Spruce Team

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